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Being a paranormal investigator is the most interesting hobby in the world! Interested in history,historical locations,museums and urban exploring? This is all part of paranormal investigating with one small extra- walking around in the dark!

Paranormal Searchers Ireland are currently recruiting for paranormal investigators. Applicants should have free time mainly at weekends, have an interest of course in the paranormal and be able to drive.

If interested in applying to join PSI as a trainee recruit on a six month probation period with the chance of becoming a full team member get in touch by CLICKING HERE.

Make sure you tell us all about yourself, link your social media if you can and of course leave your number. This is a constant recruitment drive, if you are reading this and wondering is it still open, Yes it is!

Paranormal Searchers Ireland cover the island of Ireland as a whole though we are based in Co.Down. PSI is a non profit organisation , all investigators are hobbyist and work for free.

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