Lough Neagh’s – RAMs Island with 900AD Tower + VIDEO

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The Belfast Paranormal Investigators annual Rams island weekend

Each year BPI or Belfast Paranormal Investigators invite paranormal teams and members to the beautiful Rams island. Investigators share tales and stories of their investigations throughout Ireland around a camp fire.

Paranormal Searchers Ireland spent last night (5/7/19) for one night only due to an upcoming investigation and preparations being required for it.

Rams island itself has a vast history and features a supposedly haunted stone tower dating to 900AD.

Site of the monastic settlement on the island 1,000 years ago, before the Viking invasion. Brass fastening pins, thought to be from the monks’ robes, have been excavated there and an application has been made by the Lough Neagh Partnership for an extensive archaeological dig.

The tower is just over 40ft high and is constructed from rounded stones from the shore. The monks retreated to the top of the originally much higher tower when the island was under threat from the various warring Irish kings and tribes. In front of it, the brick walls of the front of Lord O’Neill’s early 1800s summer house remain intact, the imprint of his coat of arms still visible.

Over the year the island has been used by many , some leaving beautiful art work carved to wood. Once such piece caught me by surprise last night and I have to say it scared me a little.

Good luck to everyone their tonight, make sure to close your tents up tight! Keep those earwigs out!!

These events hosted exclusively by Belfast Paranormal Investigators are a must for any Irish ghost hunter or team, so if you fancy getting onto the reservations list, check out BPI on Facebook and with luck you’ll get an invite next year.

Special Thanks to Brian , Veronica and Eleanor – Belfast Paranormal Investigators

Walkthrough from boat drop off to camp

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