Crazy Paranormal Activity Caught On Camera – EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE

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A recent investigation sent equipment going off and an investigator running

Paranormal Searchers Ireland recently investigated a house in Belfast and below is a capture as we were setting up for this investigation.

A phone captures the moment as our main cameras were not yet recording.

In the clip an EMF Teddy Bear which is part of the arsenal of equipment used by our investigators was sat upon a rocking horse within the bathroom.

This area is supposed to be particularly active in terms of paranormal activity.

Our investigator Colm had simply sat the EMF Bear on the rocking horse when it began going off. Blue lights and a loud noise is seen in the video, this is the teddy being activated by something unknown.

As the activity continues our investigators begin asking questions of the supposed spirit or spirits when suddenly the investigator filming the ordeal, Colm feels something behind him, he is seen running for the staircase.

A truly heart-stopping moment for our investigator Colm. Thankfully he was fine and pushed on through the night documenting further activity.

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