About Us

An Intrinsic Love for The Unknown

Solving the paranormal since 2013

We’ve always had a captured mind when it came to paranormal. 

Founded in 2013 by Eoin & Deirdre McAuley, Paranormal Searchers Ireland (PSI) is Ireland’s most revered investigators.

Whether it’s simple advice or information, we have the experience to handle it. Working over 1100 cases including the National museums of Ireland and thousands raised for charity, PSI are here when needed.



One Case At A Time

Over the years, we’ve developed a good feel for Irish locations. That is why we have conducted 12 overnight investigations of the most revered, Leap Castle.

We’ve worked with dozens of Irish teams and paranormal enthusiasts developing our skills and equipment to suit any location. We have the most extensive video archive of anyone working the paranormal field in Ireland with over 40 YouTube videos.


Breath-taking Location’s Have Surrounded Us

Let’s face it – we all want to see what is behind every single door and down every single corridor during a tour of an Irish castle or stately home, thankfully PSI get access all areas and free to roam those closed public areas.

It has been an adventure for everyone who walks the PSI path. To all those we have helped, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to help and to all that support us, thank you, it means so much.